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How Koshie Mills & her Diaspora Dialogues are Bridging the Gap between African Diaspora Globally

Y'all my wig is ON THE FLOOR!

Let me tell you guys why. Today I am working on some projects for my Travel Africa Initiative and in doing so I am touching base with the different people I am collaborating with. While at my desk, I get a message from Samuel of Twins Don't Beg about this event happening in LA called Diaspora Dialogues.

Ever the curious cat and incredibly intrigued by the name, I stop what I am doing and mosey on down to YouTube to see what I can find.

In their extended trailer model Khoudia Diop, aka, Melanin Goddess said that living in Paris was the first time she realized she was black, it was at this very moment I knew Diaspora Dialogues was having the heavy discussions. I could immediately identify with Melanin Goddess' experience in Paris as I too can recall when I was first made aware of my "blackness" in the United States.

When asked on KTLA 5 what inspired her to create Diaspora Dialogues Mills said, "I recognized there was a disconnect between Africans from Africa and Africans in the diaspora." she continued saying she created this event to "make sure that we gather and formed unity".

Mills has created a space for diaspora like myself to discuss and better understand/manage the nuances of being African Diaspora form all walks of life. As a Caribbean woman I can say there have been times where I have felt the disconnect from Africans from Africa. However, I understand that we are a global community beginning to realize the importance of our unification. Communities like Diaspora Dialogues aid in the facilitation of our unification; they act as the bridge to connect us with each other.


I'm shooketh y'all! What is happening here is so important. Why you ask? Because, the African diaspora cover the globe, from direct descendants to Caribbeans to Afro-latinos, we are all over the world. No matter our countries of origin, we all still consider Africa home making us a global community. One, that if unified stands to change the course of history. This is no small thing and I am so grateful to Koshie Mills for taking the initiative to create a space for us to meet and strengthen our community.

I am so excited to experience it all.

Needless to say catch me at their next event in LA on November 1st. I can't wait to join the discussion representing the Caribbean massive.

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