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Hotel Review: Aqua Safari Resort in Ada, Ghana

In line with my #TravelAfricaInitiative, I'd like to highlight the hidden gem of a resort, located two hours outside of Accra, Ghana, Ada, Ghana. I had the great pleasure of staying at Aqua Safari Resort. Experiencing it and all of its splendor.

About the Property

Initially, I was puzzled by the name Aqua Safari. What exactly did that mean? I couldn't for the life of me anticipate what kind of resort I would be visiting. However, once I got onto the property the name of this resort made PERFECT SENSE. It is exactly what it says; a safari meets the water.

Aqua Safari is located along Ghana's famous Lake Volta. #LakeVolta is the largest artificial reservoirs in the world based on surface area and also generates a substantial amount of Ghana's electricity. Each morning I couldn't wait to leap out of bed, have tea and do my morning stretches beside this incredibly tranquil lake.

I stayed in the resorts lakefront villas, equipped with a private entrance and private beach. This allowed me to see not only the different exotic animals roaming the grounds but also a great deal of the activity that happens on Lake Volta. From the constant flow of local fisherman to families taking the occasional boat tour.

I stayed in the Tilapia Villa with my very own beach front deck. Mornings watching the animals play was the best
Morning Tea

Food, Drinks, and Hospitality

Since Ada is about two hours outside of the city center of Accra, I was quite famished when I arrived. Thankfully check-in was quick and easy and the staff explained all I needed to know about locating my room; even offering me an escort once I finished lunch, so sweet of them. The bellman brought my bags to my room so I could head straight over to their Lakeside restaurant for some good Ghanian seafood and Jollof. Every employee I encountered was gracious and helpful. My meal came out in just under 25 mins and was magnificent. If you're a seafood lover and can handle a little kick, I highly recommend their fried Tilapia! It was so good I wound up having it about twice a day during my stay lol.

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