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24 Hours: Athens, Greece in my Shawty Fwe Apparel in Athens, Greece

As a professional flight attendant, I have mastered the art of exploring a city in 24 hours or less. Today's city is Athens, Greece!

Travel with me, #FlightBaeB as I scout locations in Athens, Greece to shoot two looks for

After working a 10 hour flight and then napping for about 3 hours, ya girl was up and at 'em!

(Pro Tip: after a transoceanic flight, get at least 3 hours of rest before you head out to explore).

Greece's capitol city is one steeped in rich history. With ancient landmarks like the Acropolis and Parthenon gazing over the you as you wander the city; it feels like the pages of my history books have come alive.

On this particular trip I wanted to find locations that highlighted the great pieces sent to me by Shawty Fwe Apparel.

Shop your next vacation look with them!

This made it pretty easy to scout locations! Check out my video below:

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