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Where I Got It: Viral Kente Suit

This girlies loved this look on Instagram! I posted it casually and the inquiries about where I got it from were so vast I decided to make a blog post about it!

Ask and you shall receive!

Here's where I got this beautiful Kente suit!

It was made by Ghana based designer Tailored by Oboshie please do not let her location deter you, she has worldwide shipping and it is very timely, with my average shipping time being 3-5 business days.

Oboshie and I have partnered on several looks and each one has been bigger and bigger each time. I have worn her looks in my MAC Cosmetics Campaign, to photoshoots and as the statement piece for some parties I've gone to.

If you're looking for a show stopper of an outfit Oboshie is definitely your girl!

Let her know I sent you for priority!

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