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How Prague Caught Me by Surprise

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

I fell in love with a city I was avoiding. Here's how it happened.

As a flight attendant it is very easy to become stoosh *points nose in the air* about the cities you travel to. Thanks to my job, I party in Africa, get my salted butter in Paris and my red wines in Barcelona. Perks of the job I suppose.

Anyhow, every #summer I go into flying overdrive. Schools out, kids are free, weather is good and flying is at an all time high. Each year topping the one before for most vacationers traveling by plane. *send help & a bed*

Naturally this means, my flight schedule is jam-packed not only am I being issued high value schedules but the company offers sweet financial incentives for flying extra hours. So, mama is twirling in and out of the airport all summer.

So as a #NewYork based flight attendant, summer also means: #SeasonalRoutes! Woohoo!

Seasonal routes are when airlines add on new originations or destinations.

Aviation Explanation:

Seasonal Origination = flights to destinations we fly year round from a location we usually don't fly to that destination from. (ie: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina to Paris, Frace)

Seasonal Destination = flights from anywhere in our system to a destination only available "in season". (ie: NYC to Prague)

Make sense?

One of the seasonal routes we get in #NewYork is #Prague. Prague is one of those cities we get every summer. For some odd reason, I have never gone out of my way to work a trip to Prague. Every time it would come up for consideration, I would either opt for a trip to a familiar destination, despite never having been to the city. Crazy right? I know lol.

Welp, the scheduling gods said ENOUGH OF THIS FOOLERY! WE ARE SENDING YOU!

Out of sheer summer luck, I got a move-up to Prague. (a move up is when I get upgraded from a domestic trip to an international trip). And boy am I happy it happened.

Prague is so WHIMSICAL.

I didn't know where to begin so I caved and purchased a walking tour guide. Thankfully Prague is heavily based on tourism which made finding a reputable walking guide super easy. I was able to give her and idea of what my travel likes and dislikes were and she took me to touristy locations and hidden gems all over the city.

After getting over how picturesque the city was, I was also able to appreciate the locals quality of life. Most were out of work and unwinding with family at 7pm. Walking their dogs or just having a cold brew under a bridge with a sweetheart.

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