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Flight Attendant Interview Make-Up Do's and Don'ts by #FlightBaeB!

Greetings Future Flight Attendants!

#FlightBaeB here to teach you the do's and don'ts of flight attendant interview make-up!

If you are new here, my name is Brenda Orelus, affectionately referred to as Flight Bae B! online (IG: @Brenda.Orelus). In this segment I show aspiring cabin crew the difference between good flight attendant interview makeup and bad flight attendant interview makeup.

I hope this information gives you the courage you need to take the leap! Becoming a flight attendant changed our lives and I cannot wait for it to change yours!

I am the founder of @TheFlightAttendantCourse, an online preparatory course for aspiring cabin crew. I teach my students to how to get hired as a corporate or commercial flight attendant, graduate flight attendant training as well as successfully complete their six month probationary period with a commercial airline.

As a part of my Free Mini-Course, I am giving you an inside glimpse of what students of #TheFlightAttendnatCourse have access to.

How to Dress for Your Flight Attendant Face 2 Face & Video Interviews (Male & Female)

If you found this video useful feel free to comment, share and enroll. I can't wait to see you in class!
-Flight Bae B!
Stay Connect with Me Online
IG: @TheFlightAttendantCourse
Facebook: "The Future Flight Attendant Club"
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