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Hong Kong Sourcing Trip | Building the Brand, Krew Konnect's Klub House

What an exciting time! As you know earlier this year it was announced that Krew Konnect became the first company incubated our of Vector 90.

Vector 90 is a co-workin space and incubator located in South Central LA. It is the brain child of David Gross and Nipsey Hussle. Being a product of Vector 90 and working with David Gross has been an incredible experience as a burgeoning entrepreneur. From the resources, direction and mentorship that has been made of available to me has been something out of a startup fairy tail.

With investment from David Gross and guidance from Vector 90, Krew Konnect is now able to move onto the next phase in building our signature Klub Houses.

On this episode of building the brand, I have travelled to Hong Kong to meet with my manufacturer.

I remember shortly after coming on board, I told David that there were two things all our Klub Houses had to be:

1. Comfortable/Private

2. Affordable for new hires.

The ladder would prove to be the most difficult balance to find. A luxury crashpad that offered privacy and was also cost effective?!

How sway?!

Industry veterans know the likelihood of coming across that is slim to none; most crashpads are cramped, over crowded, and over priced and offer minimal privacy at best.

With our Klub Houses, I want to change the entire experience of staying in a crashpad. I want aviators to look foward to "krashing".

I want aviators to Relax, Rejuvenate and receive industry leading Resources when they enter our Klub House.

In 2020 we will be opening our first property in Los Angeles, California. Whether you need to krash or a place to hang out on your layover, #JoinTheKrew at the #KlubHouse

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